New Products

Total Office Interiors offers a wide range of brand new office equipment, furniture and furnishings from which to choose, from chairs to cabinets and everything in between. At TOI, you’ll find top names such as (Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Knoll), and a dedicated team with the knowledge and expertise to guide you through every step of the process. We invite you to view our online catalog, and call us at (610) 828-3808 with any questions, or requests for more information. You spend most of your time at the office- shouldn’t it be a comfortable, productive working environment? When it comes to productivity, it’s better to invest more than planned then less than necessary.

Systems Furniture

One cube or ten? Partitions with high walls, or low walls? Bring us your most challenging configuration needs, and we’ll deliver an efficient and economic office solution that satisfies any budgetary consideration

Other Furniture

Even if you’ve solved for desk, computer and seating requirements at your company, you might still need to address furnishing training rooms, cafeterias, and reception areas. That’s where we come in. Total Office Interiors offers furniture and accessories that meet all needs for library applications, cafeteria design, training rooms, and reception consoles. We also carry an impressive selection of home office products for customers looking to enhance telecommuting privileges, or for smaller firms building a business from a home-based location.


No sleeping on the job with our assortment of chairs and seating furniture!

From ergonomic task chairs to lounge seating for more casual and relaxed affairs, we’ll help you bring comfort and function to the office setting for your teams. After all, it’s the thoughtful little touches that go a long way towards enhancing employee productivity.

Casegoods/ Conferencing

It’s tough enough to bring people together to facilitate effective meetings and conferences. Choosing an optimal conference room furniture and equipment configuration shouldn’t be an additional obstacle or source of concern.

With our deep expertise in designing conference room arrangements, we can take manage the process from start to finish and let you get back to what you do best- build a strong company.

Computer Furniture

OK, so you’ve figured what office furniture your employees will use- what about all of your computer equipment?

While your people are your most valuable asset, computers and the data they manage and support are close behind. From data center furniture and accessories to LAN racks and CPU trays, you’ll find everything you might need from our vast inventory of equipment.

Computers support your employees, clients and business; return the favor with an efficient configuration that maximizes productivity while minimizing intrusion.

Computer Server Cabinets

Like sentinels keeping watch, server towers and cabinets protect the invaluable equipment housed within. We offer state of the art cabinet designs that allow for easy cross-patching and complete accessibility. Servers manage and protect your company’s critical information- protect them as well. Form meets function.

Storage Products

Contracts, employee records, invoices…important documentation for any company. We provide a wide range of document storage solutions: lateral files, pedestals, storage cabinets, and pedestals, among many other products. We also carry a selection of bookcases, wardrobe cabinets and more for more personal storage needs.

Pre-Owned Products

Don’t want the higher cost associated with purchasing brand new furniture and equipment? Total Office Interiors offers a wide range of certified pre-owned office equipment, furniture and furnishings. Our team can provide you with the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the most economic configuration possible. We invite you to scroll through our pre-owned online catalog, and call us at (610) 828-3808 with any questions, or requests for more information.

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